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Mind Manager – Map markers

Map markers are powerful tools that help you to structure your maps. They become very useful especially when maps are growing and when you let your mind work non-linearly. (see post: non-linear thinking)

There are 2 categories of markers. What is called “single icons” and the ones which are group together (and mutually exclusive). The mutually exclusive markers are useful when you want to switch from one marker to another one quickly (e.g: status OK / NOK)

General tips for markers:

  • Always name your map markers.
  • Use map markers library (template) to gain time on next maps.
  • In case of regular use of the same map pattern, create a map template (taking care of including the revelant map mappers. (coming post describing map template creation)


Markers are very useful when your maps start to become too complex (lot of topics). They are a very powerful way to filter your maps through different views. In addition, Mindjet Mind Manager is allowing you to have many map makers on the same topics, which is giving you the possibility to have different filtering criteria on the same topic.
My advice regarding map makers, use it as much as you can. Last tip, if your map starts to have too much map makers on the same topic, it might means that you are willing to put too much ideas / concepts on that specific map. Do not hesitate to duplicate and clean the map.

Mind mapping versus “Communication”

Colleague of mine wrote on my #fb’s wall, this comment: “Sure, you can get things done through Mind Maps. But to convey a clear message I prefer the traditional A4 page – that is read from top to bottom.

http://blog.iqmatrix.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/how-to-mind-map.jpg “

I will skip the get things done thing, because obviously, he didn’t get what I was referring to… His comment made my mind spin regarding “communication” and mind mapping. OK, I am¬†a mind mapping addict, as I like to call myself “the crazy mind mapper…” but this doesn’t mean I am blinding myself. So my first answer to him was:
Emeric Nectoux …Mind mapping gives its best benefits when used for yourself or in small teams. When it comes to communicate, traditional ppts or equivalent are still the best. This is mainly due to people you are presenting to were not with you when you did journey. (building your mind map).
By the way, the map you are pointing to is a nightmare. ūüėČ Make me wonder about the mental health of his creator. ūüėÄ

In a second thought, here is what I would like to add:

MindManager Setup Tips #wiki #mindmap

ActivityOwner.Com – Getting Things Done with MindManager, ResultsManager, and GyroQ has posted a new item, ’20 MindManager 9 Setup Tips’

In order to celebrate the recent release of MindManger 9, the MindManager Setup Tips page on wiki.activityowner.com have been updated. There are a few legacy items that may apply more to MindManager 7 and 8. The list of 13 tips for ResultsManager and GyroQ setup has also been updated.

Feel free […]

MindManager Setup Tips #wiki #mindmap #Mindjet http://ow.ly/32Zpa

GTD & Mind Mapping (Part I)


Getting Things Done (commonly abbreviated as GTD) is an action management method created by David Allen, and described in a book of the same name. Both “Getting Things Done” and “GTD” are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company.
GTD rests on the principle that a person needs to move tasks out of the mind by recording them externally. That way, the mind is freed from the job of remembering everything that needs to be done, and can concentrate on actually performing those tasks.GTD can be practiced through different methodologies and tools. As a fan of new technologies (ok, let’s admit it: I’m a geek), my way of practicing GTD is through new technologies such as mobile devices (Iphone 3G), internet and more fancy little electronic tools… But, what I intend to describe to you now, is not how do I use these tools, but is more:
How do I combine GTD with Mind Mapping approach, which makes GTD even more powerful and useful for you.
My way
First of all, I need to tell you a bit about the tools I use, even if my intend is not necessarily to make you use the same tools (I have no stoke in any of these companies). So, I use both Mind Manager Pro 7¬ģ (Mindjet) and two plug-ins called: GyroQ & Result Manager¬ģ (Gyronix).
¬†Everything is based upon my ‚ÄúCentral Map‚ÄĚ:
 Entry point to all my mindmaps (more than 600)
This map represents all my life… It is the entry point of thousands of topics (about 8,000 right now) embedded in hundreds of maps, which are structured into folder tree on my hard disk (which is constantly replicated on my archive server). Some might think it’s sad that everything in my life is categorized, written… Of course, I still have some private life which I don’t want to share, even with my computers! :o) but, let’s put it that way: everything that is actionable or needs to be reminded of is in there.
This requires, of course, a lot of self-discipline to keep it up-to-date, but trust me, if you can achieve it, it worth it thousands times the energy and effort you put in to keep it updated.
I won’t go more in details of GTD, there are experts for that (David Allen or his books for instance…)  But, thanks to this work, I’m able to filter out every day my to-do list of the day… You will tell me: “Ok, I do it to with my to-do application too (whatever it is: Nozbe, 43actions, Remember the milk…), yes, I know… this is where the best part comes! Result Manager allow you to keep you action (from you to-do list) in context!
Let’s take an example:
You took as action on your mobile device: ‚Äúwrite the meeting minutes‚ÄĚ
Coming back to it few days after, you’ll wonder… What meeting do I need to write the minutes??? After few minutes, you will let this action down, and forget about it… Then, few weeks after, you will wonder why you keep feeling your to-do list since you don’t do the actions that are listed… So you will let it down too. And back to your overwhelming day to day life, you will run into your mailbox (full) trying to empty it… Unfortunately, mails keep coming into it and you keep being overloaded…
This is why, Result Manager, with its capability to keep actions in context will help you!
Thanks to the combination of Mind Mapping and GTD, I have been able to decrease my stress level to a degree that I could not imagine before. My unread emails don’t go other 30 mails, while I was about 900 unread mails before. I keep receiving between 80 to 150 emails a day, as I keep having more 6 hours meetings per day, but I can tell you, when I go home my brain is free and I don’t wake up at 4:00 AM thinking about what I didn’t say to this one or what I should did yesterday…
More to come in the coming articles…


Getting Things Done (souvent appell√© ‚ÄúGTD‚ÄĚ) est une m√©thode pragmatique de gestion personelle cr√©er par David Allen, et d√©crite dans plusieurs livres, dont un du m√™me nom ¬ę¬†Getting Things Done¬†¬Ľ.


GTD repose sur le principe selon lequel une personne a besoin de transf√©rer ses t√Ęches (actions) de son esprit vers un syst√®me ext√©rieur en les y enregistrant. De cette fa√ßon, l’esprit est lib√©r√© de la t√Ęche de se souvenir de tout ce qui doit √™tre fait, et peut se concentrer sur l’accomplissement de ces t√Ęches.


GTD peut √™tre pratiqu√© gr√Ęce √† diff√©rentes m√©thodes et outils. En tant que fan de nouvelles technologies (ok, je le reconnais: je suis un ¬ę¬†geek¬†¬Ľ), ma fa√ßon de pratiquer GTD est par le biais de nouvelles technologies telles que les appareils mobiles (Iphone 3G), internet et tout les outils √©lectroniques √† la pointe de la technologie … Mais, ce dont j‚Äôai l‚Äôintention de vous parler, n‚Äôest pas la mani√®re dont j‚Äôutilise ces outils, mais bien plus¬†:


De quelle manière puis-je combiner l’approche GTD avec le Mind Mapping ? Ce qui rend la méthode GTD encore plus puissant et utile pour vous.



My way


Tout d’abord, je besoin de vous mentionner les outils que j’utilise, m√™me si mon intention n’est pas n√©cessairement de vous faire utiliser les m√™mes outils (je n’ai pas d‚Äôaction dans aucune de ces soci√©t√©s). Donc, je utilise Mind Manager Pro 7 ¬ģ (Mindjet) et de deux plug-ins appel√©: GyroQ & Result Manager ¬ģ (Gyronix).

Tout est bas√© sur ma “carte centrale”:



















¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Cette carte repr√©sente toute ma vie … Il est le point d’entr√©e de milliers de ¬ę¬†sujets¬†¬Ľ (environ 8000 actuellement) encapsul√©s dans des centaines de cartes, qui sont, elles-m√™mes, structur√©es en arborescence de dossiers sur mon disque dur (qui est constamment r√©pliqu√© sur mon serveur d’archives). Certains pourraient penser qu’il est triste que tout dans ma vie soit class√©e, ¬†r√©pertori√©e,‚Ķ Bien s√Ľr, j’ai encore un peu de vie priv√©e que je ne veux pas partager, m√™me avec mon ordinateur! :o) Mais, formulons le de cette fa√ßon: ¬ę¬†tout ce qui est une action (t√Ęche) ou tout ce dont je dois me rappeler, y figure¬†¬Ľ.

Cela exige, bien entendu, beaucoup d’autodiscipline pour garder √† jour mon syst√®me, mais croyez-moi, si vous pouvez y parvenir, cela vaut des milliers de fois l’√©nergie et les efforts que vous avez fourni pour maintenir √† jour votre syst√®me.

Je ne vais pas entrer plus dans les d√©tails de la m√©thode GTD, il y a des experts pour √ßa (David Allen et ses livres, par exemple …) Mais gr√Ęce √† ce travail, je suis capable de filtrer tous les jours de ma liste de choses √† faire (To-do list) de la journ√©e …

Vous allez me dire: ¬ę¬†Ok, je suis capable de faire la m√™me chose avec beaucoup moins de chose¬†: bloc-note, feuille volante ou m√™me gr√Ęce √† des outils tels que ¬ę¬†Remember the Milk¬†¬Ľ, Nozbe, 43actions‚Ķ¬†¬Ľ oui, je sais … c’est l√† que le meilleur vient! Result Manager vous permet de resituer votre t√Ęche dans son contexte!


Prenons un exemple:

Vous avez enregistr√© comme t√Ęche sur votre PDA: “Ecrire les minutes de la r√©union”

Lorsque vous revenez dessus, quelques jours plus tard, vous vous demanderez … De quelle r√©union dois-je √©crire le proc√®s-verbal? Apr√®s quelques minutes (seconde le plus souvent), vous reporterez cette action √†¬† plus tard, puis vous l‚Äôoublierez… Puis, quelques semaines apr√®s, vous allez me demander pourquoi vous continuez √† √©crire la liste de choses √† faire puisque vous ne faites pas les actions qui sont √©num√©r√©es … Donc, vous laisserez de c√īt√© votre To-do list, puisque de toute fa√ßon, vous savez ce qu‚Äôil est important que vous fassiez‚Ķ Et vous voil√† de retour √† votre vie surcharg√©e et stressante, vous demandant pourquoi les jours ne durent que 24 h‚Ķ Vous vous pr√©cipiterez dans votre bo√ģte email (d√©bordante) afin d’essayer de la vider … Malheureusement, les mails continue √† arriver et vous, vous continuez d’√™tre surcharg√©…


C’est pourquoi, Result Manager, avec sa capacit√© de maintenir les actions dans leurs contextes vous aidera!



Gr√Ęce √† la combinaison de Mind Mapping et GTD, j’ai pu diminuer mon niveau de stress √† un degr√© que je n‚Äôavais jamais pu imaginer auparavant. Mes emails non lus ne d√©passent plus les 30 mails, alors que j’√©tais environ 900 mails non lus avant. A savoir, je re√ßois entre 80 √† 150 emails par jour, comme je continue √† avoir plus 6 heures de r√©unions par jour, mais je peux vous dire, quand je rentre chez moi, mon cerveau est lib√©r√© et je ne suis pas se r√©veill√© √† 4:00 du matin par mes r√©flexions sur ce que je n’ai pas dit √† celui-ci ou de ce que je fait la veille…

Plus √† venir dans les prochains articles …