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David Allen: Cloud Computing and GTD – Let’s dig a bit

Today, is another day… It’s been a while I didn’t post on GTD here, so let’s do it! Thanks to my mate @swiertz, for letting me know about this video, which I watched / listened to: David Allen video about GTD and “the could computing”.

Here is the video:

Watching this video made me think a lot on my way of practicing GTD, actually, to be more accurate, on my way to deal with my “trust system”.

First of all, yes, GTD is a way of thinking. In this way, technology doesn’t really matter, what matter is that you find YOUR trustable system to manage your next actions. When I speak to people about GTD, I often say that they have to find their way. No matter if it is a piece of paper or a brand new iphone or google phone… it all depends on what you like and trust. If you know /read me before, you might noticed that I’m quite fund of tech stuffs! Anyhow, I’m fully aware of the disaster that might occurs on these kind of devices, such as hard disk crashes, losing your phone with all your data in or even more easy: formating it by mistake. Don’t think it only happens to the others, it happens and if you have not been pro-active, you’ll remember it for a while!

This is where comes the “could computing”… To me using this way to store / secure your live data from anywhere (does work from the plane too if you use a good tools such as “Google Gears”) is very  important to keep you secured about your “trust system”.

As David Allen mentions in his book, one important characteristic of your “trust system” is that you must be able to access it from anywhere and to trust it. If you take any computer device, you are never on the safe side when it come to data integrity. Hard disk crash, houses get on fire, smart phones get stolen… If everything is store in on place, then there is a huge risk. I have been experimenting it sometimes… so here is where the “cloud” technology can help. Having your data accessible from anywhere (mixing it with local temporary storage), synchronizing it. You are not afraid anymore to have your computer stolen or your hard disk crashed… This is a real relief.

What matters is your data, not your hardware(s). “Cloud computing” is a way to secure your data. It is not (and should not be) the only one, since it has his own risk (such as immaturity, security…) but it has a lot to bring. When I started GTD, I was as David Allen describes in his video: dependent of my computer. Even if it was not a desktop computer, it is difficult to have it always on you, ready to catch you stuffs. This is why I looked for other solutions, without letting my computer down, since it has a lot of advantage too. This is when I turn to the “cloud computing”. It was not named as cloud, but as usual, it was already there.