Information Architecture

Thanks to a good post from Mike The Architect – – called “What Is Information Architecture?“, the idea to share and publish my experience on this domain did pop-up.

To start with by giving you of background, 2011, I started a new job as “Enterprise Information Architect” at my company, taking over the role of the previous “Information director of  the whole Group” who was going to retire. The whole initiative was sponsored and driven by the Group CIO from the beginning, which, you can easy understand did help us a lot. We formed a small group of highly skilled people (3-4 people)  in the “Information area” and start from the scratch to build the Group (standing for “Company”) Information Governance Framework and Organization.

Note: This page, of my blog, will fully be dedicated on this topic: Information Enterprise Management and Information Architecture.

As a first shot of the page structure, here is my posts plan forward:

Enterprise Information Management & Information Architecture


  1. Information architecture – our definition:
  2. Master Data – short definition:
  3. The starting point:
  4. Information Ownership:
  5. Break the conventional thinking

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