Social networking… How?

It’s been a few weeks that while discussing with people at conferences, meetings or even lunch… “Social Network” topic come up on the table quite often. Is it because of me, raising the topic or not? That I cannot say. Anyhow, due to these discussions I decided to share this article with you, even if, at the first glance, it might seem not fully in-line with my usual topics on this blog, in a way it is.


The goal of this article is to share what I call “My social network strategy”, even if I know that “strategy” might sounds a bit presumptuous in this context. But, to my defend, I always prone a vision + a meaning (which we can call “strategy”) to whatever we start to do (otherwise, why doing it?). So even for social networking, I think it is needed to know what we want to do and set a strategy, principles to follow… even our own borders to not cross. Of course, we all do that, unconsciously at least, but like some philosophers would (better) explain than me: it is always better to be conscious of what we want to do!

My social network strategy / principles and a few more…

For the ones who already know me a bit, guess what, yes, all is described in the mind map below! 🙂 I hope you will enjoy reading!
Of course, don’t hesitate to react on the comments if there are things that are not clear to you after your map reading.

Please, find the downloadable mindmap version (.mmap) on :


There we are, time to conclude this article. As usual, I would like not to close this topic but more give it an opening. As you might see, I gave you some of my strategies / principles for personal social networking. I do believe that most of these principles apply to Social Networking in the Enterprise as well… The generation Y effect (increasing amount of generation Y people in the enterprises) might help us to give it a kick, but as usual, this should not be done through the technology only (even if it is attractive) but with a real strategy! (Again!! 🙂 ) When it comes to “Enterprise social network”, I think some additional principles have to be taken care of. Of course, a meaning is (as always) needed, but in addition to a personal initiative, this meaning (e.g.: “Why do you want to establish an “Enterprise Social Network” at your company”) has to be explained / communicated / anchored with the whole enterprise. And this is another challenge to be reach!

4 thoughts on “Social networking… How?”

  1. He Emeric,

    and thanks to share your social network strategy.
    A question has raised while I was reading: “How long do you spend, per day, to read all this “content” (blogosphere *, facebook, linkedIn *…)?



    1. Very good question 🙂
      To be fully honest, social networking can be very addictive and it deserves to have clear limits, especially when it comes to your own time spent on it.

      Recently, I decided to decrease my limit to 1 hour per day per day on my professional social network (linkedin, blog & twitter), That’s my target. After few months, I think I am close to it.

      When it comes to personal (facebook). It really depends. This one is more tricky to monitor (due to mobile device and push activated)

  2. The key to understanding the value of social networking in the workplace is to see it as a transformation in the way we communicate and collaborate. Enterprise Social Networking empowers employees to engage across hierarchical boundaries and outside of the confines of formal business processes. Companies who can extend knowledge, ideas, and experiences to the most employees are those that learn faster, innovate more, and make smarter decisions. In today’s fast-paced business climate, this translates into greater agility and competitive advantage.

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