Mind mapping versus “Communication”

Colleague of mine wrote on my #fb’s wall, this comment: “Sure, you can get things done through Mind Maps. But to convey a clear message I prefer the traditional A4 page – that is read from top to bottom.

http://blog.iqmatrix.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/how-to-mind-map.jpg “

I will skip the get things done thing, because obviously, he didn’t get what I was referring to… His comment made my mind spin regarding “communication” and mind mapping. OK, I am a mind mapping addict, as I like to call myself “the crazy mind mapper…” but this doesn’t mean I am blinding myself. So my first answer to him was:
Emeric Nectoux …Mind mapping gives its best benefits when used for yourself or in small teams. When it comes to communicate, traditional ppts or equivalent are still the best. This is mainly due to people you are presenting to were not with you when you did journey. (building your mind map).
By the way, the map you are pointing to is a nightmare. 😉 Make me wonder about the mental health of his creator. 😀

In a second thought, here is what I would like to add:

One thought on “Mind mapping versus “Communication””

  1. For me a mindmap is a way to organise how you will clearly communicate an idea. I agree when you say that using a mindmap as presentation support can be dangereous. I made a presentation on a whiteboard today for a strategic issue inside my company and it was based on a mindmap. If you do not organise your ideas, you can not communicate them. People who are not using mindmaps are not clear and not organised ;).

    A friend of Paul Otlet in the beginning of the last century told him the following sentence: ” ne laissez pas le monde participer à l’élaboration de vos idées”
    I am sure that Paul Otlet would have been a great mindmap user !

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