Why strategy fails (part one)

Originally posted on loppysmile:

Most strategies fail.

Rewind. Most marketing and comms strategies fail.

I’m not saying they don’t have an impact. What I mean is, most fail to achieve their stated outcomes. Downer.

A lot of the time, we’re never forced to recognise that our pretty little diagrams amounted to jack. We pump out a few vanity metrics to bamboozled managers or clients (talk about reach, interaction and so on) and everything is rosy.

But if we really analyse – with cold, hard eyes – the impact of our work, we usually find we didn’t quite achieve what we said we would.

Why? All sorts of reasons. But here are three common factors.

  1. bad strategy
  2. crappy execution
  3. lack of resource

Today, I’ll take a quick look at strategy (I’ll look at execution and resource in a couple of follow-up posts next month).

A blog isn’t the right place to debate strategy in depth. But…

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